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How Swissmed PROB-ATIV And Swissmed AIE-X Help With Your Immune System?

Our body’s immune system has three levels of defense mechanism to protect us from foreign pathogens (eg. viruses and bacteria).


The combination of Swissmed PROB-ATIV And Swissmed AIE-X has
a synergistic effect in boosting and regulating our immune system function and performance.

The table 1 below summarizes the 3 lines of immune defense:


Swissmed PROB-ATIV consists of 6 patented strains of probiotics from the USA and Canada. When pathogens enter our body, the gut is the first line of defense and probiotics can promote the immunomodulatory responses by stimulating faster production of immunoglobulins (antibody) and
increase the production of natural killer (NK) cells. 2,3 NK cells are responsible for killing pathogens.


Swissmed AIE-X is an immune modulator that can support immune cell restoration, repair, and maintenance. It contains Ai/E 10 ®, a patented extraction from cow’s milk, comprises immune-active molecules. 4 Unlike many other immune supplements which only boost the 2 nd line of defense, Ai/E 10 ® replenishes the immune communication molecules involved in the 2nd line of defense and 3R (Recognize, Respond, and Remember) - which is part of the 3rd line defense. 5 This will enable the immune system to act against pathogens more efficiently.


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