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Optimising Child’s Growth and Immunity

Forget the common practice of giving fish for brain, Vitamin C for immune system and cow’s milk for bone, your child can do better with Swissmed KidsAIE!!

  • Main ingredients:

    • Ai/E10® ( - Patented extraction from colostrum or cow’s milk, comprises immune active molecules including transfer factors, granulins, lactoferrin, cathelicidin, defensin, perforins, mini-cytokines, GM-CSF (granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor), granulysin, IPSF (immunoglobulin production stimulating factor), chemokines and many others.

    • Sharp-PS® Soybean Extract ( - Phosphotidylserine derived from high-grade soybean essential for healthy brain function.

    • Aquamin TG® Seaweed Calcium - Derived from 100% mineralized seaweed (Lithothamnion genus), rich in calcium (32%), magnesium (2.2%) and 72 other essential trace minerals.

    • DigeZyme® and Bifidobacterium longum - Digestive enzymes and probiotics to improve gastrointestinal health.

  • Food product

  • USA formulation

  • Chewable tablets with orange juice flavor

  • Suitable for vegetarian

  • Recommended dosage:

  • Children below 12 years old - 1 tablet once daily before meal or as directed by pharmacist or doctor

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